The Syndicat Départemental d’Energie et d’équipement du Finistère

Partner of local authorities

The Syndicat Départemental d’Energie et d’équipement du Finistère (SDEF), is the public institution in charge of organising the electricity distribution within the Finistère area of Brittany. Out of the 277 municipalities part of Finistère, 269 are members of the syndicate.

Its three main areas of expertise are:

Electrical grid management

and quality of electricity supply


Electrical grid development

in the whole territory of Finistère


Electrical grid security

enhancement and extension in isolated areas

renforcement des reseaux electriques sdef

It also has 4 optional skills




public lighting



heating and cooling networks



electronic communications



energy transition

Over the years, the SDEF has become a major player in the energy transition of its territory. It is involved in several activities supporting energy efficiency and sustainability such as :

The SEM “Energies en Finistère »

In 2018, the SDEF created the SEM “Energies en Finistère”, a public-private partnership. The objective of this mixed economy company is to stimulate and support the production of renewable energies in Finistère through six fields of intervention :

Natural gas for vehicles


wind power

hydro electricity

heat networks


In 2021, SEM Energies in Finistère is providing technical and financial support for the construction of 7 NGV stations.