In order to make young people aware of the challenges related to energy transition, SDEF has two exhibitions freely accessible to pupils in primary and high schools.

These permanent exhibitions, in Landivisiau & Quimper, are also available in a mobile format for the municipality’s members of SDEF, and partners who wish to organise an educational workshop on a specific site.


The Energy Journey

This educational exhibition take the visitor to a journey following the path of energy, from its original sources down to its different uses. The aim is to encourage responsible behavior around energy-related issues

tous acteurs de notre futur energétique expostions et concours sdef 1


All involved in our energy future

This fun and interactive exhibition makes it possible to consider the major challenges of the energy transition: climate, mobility, urban planning, energy management and the transformations of territories by experimenting with virtual solutions on the island of Ushant facing its challenge of energy self-sufficiency. Co-financed by the INTERREG FMA European cooperation program, this exhibition is translated into English with a set of support made available to teachers.