Carbon free mobility

mobilite electrique sdef ouest charge

Electric mobility

Network of charging stations for electric vehicles

The OuestCharge network is the result of a joint collaboration between SDEF and its counterpart from two other areas of Brittany: Côtes d’Armor and Ille & Vilaine mixed syndicates. Together they created a common network covering three of the four departments in Brittany to facilitate the access to electric mobility.  

The OuestCharge network represents over 1000 charging points across Brittany. It offers solutions to motorists who have chosen electric or hybrid mobility with simple and continuous access with or without a subscription.

Gas Vehicles stations

A network of 7 Natural Gas Vehicles stations

Following the first studies carried out in 2016 and the keen interest received by the leisure and freight transport industries, SDEF is currently working on the creation of a Finistère-wide network of 7 service stations. All stations will be accessible to the general public too in order to encourage and develop this new clean carburation.

By the end of 2022, the network will be complete with the first 7 stations across Finistère,  enabling local transporters to replace diesel vehicles with a greener option each stations being within a maximum radius of 50 km from one another.

mobilite electrique sdef ouest charge